Brad Mondo Reacts to Me Ruining My Hair

Brad Mondo reacts to me bleaching \u0026 ruining my hair. 👁👄👁 *Brad Mondo has left the chat*


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  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa

    9 månader sedan

    *Brad Mondo has left the chat* 👁➖👁 should I keep it platinum, or dye it another color?

    • Kremena Avramova

      Kremena Avramova

      3 månader sedan


    • Nutella Gamer

      Nutella Gamer

      3 månader sedan

      Another colour



      3 månader sedan

      dyed it pink

    • Natalie Oudshoorn

      Natalie Oudshoorn

      3 månader sedan

      Dye it ombré rainbow

    • Little Violet

      Little Violet

      4 månader sedan

      Another color

  2. Nathan Jackson

    Nathan Jackson

    4 dagar sedan

    I ship

  3. Kay Alvarado

    Kay Alvarado

    16 dagar sedan

    Joey please, from now on, when u do stuff to ur hair... get all the things u need before😭🤣

  4. Dana Lightel

    Dana Lightel

    20 dagar sedan

    I love both of you, what fun to see you in one video! I'm very happy your dog comb wasn't a Furmintor😅

  5. ConvexChart 49

    ConvexChart 49

    22 dagar sedan

    I was ✨terrified ✨

  6. JanineSerenity4theSoul


    Månad sedan

    🤣 you are too funny!

  7. Tala Alghamdi

    Tala Alghamdi

    2 månader sedan


  8. V JW

    V JW

    3 månader sedan

    >.> I watch BM because I have anxiety and every time it's acting up he just makes me feel like the most chill person ever in life! lol PS: you did a great job given the circumstances. I've been there.

  9. A Violet

    A Violet

    3 månader sedan

    You two are so adorable, like, cuter than kittens, cuter than Keanu Reeves with a lap full of puppies, crazy level of adorableness x

  10. Denise Emond

    Denise Emond

    3 månader sedan

    Ok I’m so glad I found this. I know it was months ago but I’m laughing so hard. I love you guys. You both make me laugh so hard. Thank you both.

  11. Fish


    3 månader sedan

    Wow Joey really got a glow-down lmao

  12. Yungluv


    3 månader sedan

    Y’all look alike whatttt

  13. Kristi W

    Kristi W

    3 månader sedan

    Lol Bradley Mondue

  14. sims4galaxy


    3 månader sedan

    My 2 favorite people ❤

  15. Emily LeeAnne

    Emily LeeAnne

    3 månader sedan

    This has to be the funniest thing

  16. The Joy

    The Joy

    3 månader sedan

    Who else think he’s looks like Finn from Adventure Time

  17. starvvingcxrps


    3 månader sedan

    *joey bleaching his own hair* : it’s fine 😄 *meanwhile* *brad mondo* : *crying* neh uh eh hhhhhh 😭😭😭

  18. Lauren Pau

    Lauren Pau

    3 månader sedan

    Best collab ever!

  19. SelahSamuraiSista


    4 månader sedan

    I have that same dog brush for my dog 🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Lee Emmelhainz

    Lee Emmelhainz

    4 månader sedan

    Me and Joey have the same issue with how fast our hair grows

  21. Shelly Bolt

    Shelly Bolt

    4 månader sedan

    My dreams came true today to see both of these men in one video!!

  22. Shelly Bolt

    Shelly Bolt

    4 månader sedan

    Joey I need interior design help! Have you made a video of interior design tips? We just got our first house and I have no idea how to decorate!

  23. twenty_one_pantaloons


    4 månader sedan

    they would be so cute together..

    • roselia


      2 månader sedan

      i thought i was the only one who thought that UwU

  24. The Original Six

    The Original Six

    4 månader sedan

    A combo video with both Joey and Brad? Fantastic!

  25. Raven Hurst

    Raven Hurst

    4 månader sedan

    "Never before had I needed something so badly and not know until I received it."

  26. Rayleen


    5 månader sedan

    Why do I kinda ship it tho

  27. Roo


    5 månader sedan

    I like your jack frost cosplay JDNXJID WHY DID I SAY THAT LMAOOOO

  28. j f

    j f

    5 månader sedan

    Please pick me for makeover even though I am 9 years old I have not been picked a winner for a contest over something like that so please pick me maybe after Corvette 19

  29. A L

    A L

    5 månader sedan

    Brad stressed out from watching Joey 🤣

  30. Matthew Burton

    Matthew Burton

    6 månader sedan

    The back of Joey’s head: Am I a joke to you??

  31. Ash Chronicles

    Ash Chronicles

    6 månader sedan

    Of course it’s good, Hayley Williams doesn’t mess around:)

  32. AUBRI 101

    AUBRI 101

    6 månader sedan

    Wow good go Joey

  33. JJ Stellar

    JJ Stellar

    6 månader sedan

    Yes dye it another color ✨ I thought you were going to color it for some reason at the end ... it’s def a must ✨🤩✨

  34. cxtie__


    6 månader sedan

    My two favourite bois 🍓

  35. Maya Lightfoot

    Maya Lightfoot

    6 månader sedan

    When they try the different brand I was like oh OK this could turn out good, then I saw he bleached his whole entire head again and I got nervous

  36. Nad Sakla

    Nad Sakla

    6 månader sedan

    Not Joey using Good Dye Young

  37. Teryn Pitcher

    Teryn Pitcher

    6 månader sedan

    Joey: LeTs UsE a DoG bRuSh Brad: *dies inside*

  38. ThunderFx


    6 månader sedan

    So are we just going to ignore Bradley Mondue....because that killed me.

  39. Winter Styles

    Winter Styles

    6 månader sedan

    Joey do not do this

  40. John Tancred

    John Tancred

    6 månader sedan

    I used to watch brad mondo I kind of forgot dough

  41. Diogo Calisto

    Diogo Calisto

    6 månader sedan

    Does anyone know what toner did he use? Trying to go platinum blonde and I'm missing the toner

  42. allegra


    6 månader sedan

    The fact that he used a dog comb

  43. Chloe Cheslock

    Chloe Cheslock

    6 månader sedan

    It I would rate this it would be..... ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ 11 out of 10

    • Chloe Cheslock

      Chloe Cheslock

      6 månader sedan

      I'm loma

  44. Aseel Aadossery

    Aseel Aadossery

    7 månader sedan

    Dog brush 🤣🤗

  45. Sawayda


    7 månader sedan

    My two favourite Ytbers

  46. Karma


    7 månader sedan

    whats the thing that you used?? i wanna dye my hair

  47. Shiptar 22

    Shiptar 22

    7 månader sedan

    I want him to buzz his hair shorter with the blonde I think it would look dope

  48. Taste of Genius

    Taste of Genius

    7 månader sedan

    I’ve been subscribing to you since I was little and now I’m eight years old

  49. JoeBree


    7 månader sedan

    Hayley Williams has joined the chat

  50. Lakin Soden

    Lakin Soden

    7 månader sedan

    I imagined, " *NO DON'T START AT THE TOP* " as soon as I saw the title

  51. Ingrid Hustvedt

    Ingrid Hustvedt

    7 månader sedan

    Im shipping Brad and joey now😳

  52. Eva Shrader

    Eva Shrader

    7 månader sedan

    I love how Joey was failing to say sanitizer but it was wrong still!!!!!!!!

  53. Sonia Teneyck

    Sonia Teneyck

    7 månader sedan

    Joey: *starts* Brad: *LITERARY DIES* Joey: "That's good enough"

  54. FANCY G-P


    7 månader sedan

    You missed the (AGAIN) thingy

  55. Kaylabear U-U

    Kaylabear U-U

    7 månader sedan

    Not gonna lie I kinda did this 🤭😅

  56. Emily Kilmartin

    Emily Kilmartin

    7 månader sedan


  57. John Barnes

    John Barnes

    7 månader sedan

    Where did you get your shirt?

  58. • P e a c h y B a b x •

    • P e a c h y B a b x •

    7 månader sedan


  59. Red_ ice

    Red_ ice

    7 månader sedan

    If I ever dyed my hair I wouldn't want it to look natural, I want a unique color 🤣

  60. Brandy Miller

    Brandy Miller

    7 månader sedan

    I love it Joey!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  61. jules


    7 månader sedan

    omg why was i scared and worried watching this

  62. Marcos Castro

    Marcos Castro

    7 månader sedan

    what's the name of the toner he used

  63. Ava _Brown4343

    Ava _Brown4343

    7 månader sedan

    Brad and Joey would be a good couple 😏

  64. 〖WillowFeather〗


    7 månader sedan

    His hair grew back so fast tho-

  65. Peanut butter Sandwich

    Peanut butter Sandwich

    7 månader sedan

    Joey : If you mess this up your gonna lose your job that’s all (Don’t remember his name) Yeah yeah that’s all heh 0-0’’

  66. I_Am_Mik_


    7 månader sedan

    Did anyone else realize he wrote Bradley Mondue?

  67. Samswayzie


    7 månader sedan

    Brad: I don’t want you to look ugly Joey: then will go back to Sally’s and try it again Brad disappointment

  68. Stephanie Rojas

    Stephanie Rojas

    7 månader sedan

    Omg bradmondo look so much like damon from vampire diaries

  69. dilucsmissingwine


    8 månader sedan

  70. WolfCat1234 5

    WolfCat1234 5

    8 månader sedan

    DYE IT: Saphire bLue or Purpleeee!

  71. Claire Mast

    Claire Mast

    8 månader sedan

    brad having a panic attack for 17 minutes

  72. Lynda Gerdelmann

    Lynda Gerdelmann

    8 månader sedan

    Who else would pay to have brad mondo walk them through dying their hair on a zoom call?👆😙

  73. Mitsuba Sousuke

    Mitsuba Sousuke

    8 månader sedan

    I’m blaming u

  74. Vyper Gamer

    Vyper Gamer

    8 månader sedan

    S U C K

    • Emily Kilmartin

      Emily Kilmartin

      7 månader sedan


  75. MellowTheBird


    8 månader sedan

    You could see Brad Mondo's face gradually getting more red...

  76. Jaypee Martin

    Jaypee Martin

    8 månader sedan

    If they were straight they would be so handsome

  77. artehou no

    artehou no

    8 månader sedan

    put the furminator down

  78. LA ML

    LA ML

    8 månader sedan

    When he turned his head I DIEDDDD!!!😭😭😭

  79. Arahnic


    8 månader sedan

    I knew you reminded me of someone and I couldn't figure out who it was...

  80. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl

    8 månader sedan

    My mom bleaches her hair WITH THE DOOR WIDE OPEN so when he made the face when he smelled it i felt the pain

  81. Paola Rodriguez Camacho

    Paola Rodriguez Camacho

    8 månader sedan

    this video had me on edge the entire time but it was so worth it

  82. Lucía González

    Lucía González

    8 månader sedan

    Imagine them dating...

  83. Memory ._.rose1234

    Memory ._.rose1234

    8 månader sedan

    I ship you guys

  84. Josie


    8 månader sedan

    Maybe a little bit of blue

  85. Agentkirah !!

    Agentkirah !!

    8 månader sedan

    I love it

  86. ashleyeverafter


    8 månader sedan

    Joey please for the love of god shave your beard/chin strap/mustache situation lmao it was killing me watching you with platinum hair and your facial hair so dark

  87. JJLR btodap

    JJLR btodap

    8 månader sedan

    next do the beard

  88. buddy and friends

    buddy and friends

    8 månader sedan

    These are my boys💞

  89. Madie Tichnell

    Madie Tichnell

    8 månader sedan

    No one: Joey: “ not listening to Bradley mondue “ Me: 😂☠️

  90. Raeda Andoni

    Raeda Andoni

    8 månader sedan

    Dude we can’t blame brad mondo now because you used a dog brush

  91. Nillawafeer


    8 månader sedan

    the dog comb...

  92. Tyler DeVos

    Tyler DeVos

    8 månader sedan

    Love your hair Joey!

  93. Julie Dubis

    Julie Dubis

    8 månader sedan

    When he started brushing his hair with the dog comb I died of laughter this was everything I never knew I needed lmao. You now have a new subscriber

  94. Chelsea Anderson

    Chelsea Anderson

    8 månader sedan

    Brads so over it 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  95. Albert Leneski

    Albert Leneski

    8 månader sedan


  96. Kitty Lover

    Kitty Lover

    8 månader sedan

    It’s the ✨ *ᴅᴏɢ ᴄᴏᴍʙ ʙʀᴜsʜ* ✨ for me

  97. Holly leigh

    Holly leigh

    8 månader sedan

    who's Oscar?

  98. TT Sh

    TT Sh

    8 månader sedan

    Me : dog hair bruh 👌🏻✅✅✅😂✅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✅✅✅✅✅✅😂😂✅✅😂😂

  99. TT Sh

    TT Sh

    8 månader sedan

    Brad : it’s like I’m watching a hair fail on live 😂 Joey : 😂 😂 😂 Me : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ Yas u go boi

  100. pinkymai 04

    pinkymai 04

    8 månader sedan