Among Us In Real Life! | DIY Costumes

Play Among Us in real life with these DIY halloween costumes! 🚀

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  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa

    8 månader sedan

    Which color is your favorite?! 💙🎀🌱🔆

    • Esme Hutto

      Esme Hutto

      23 timmar sedan


    • lil_twiggy


      19 dagar sedan


    • Carys Howell

      Carys Howell

      Månad sedan


    • Caspar Kerkvliet

      Caspar Kerkvliet

      4 månader sedan


    • S1ippy L3mons

      S1ippy L3mons

      5 månader sedan


  2. Charles Garcia

    Charles Garcia

    28 dagar sedan


  3. D u c k i

    D u c k i

    Månad sedan

    The unholy trinity and the Devil

  4. Shannon Feuling

    Shannon Feuling

    Månad sedan

    Video maybe you should do like since you have a cats and dogs maybe I should do among us a video where are you guys were cats and dog use in any other colors and stuff and you wear headbands yes yes I am well love you guys were cats and dog stuff or unicorn headbands to with that that would be crazy😽🥳🐶🦄🦄💖I will ship them bully anti-bullying to Wednesday was your name bully anti-bully and team Wednesday with shipping and bouillon to

  5. Magic Box

    Magic Box

    Månad sedan


  6. ClayHasLlamas


    Månad sedan

    among us

  7. Aaron Lee Roxas

    Aaron Lee Roxas

    Månad sedan

    Real knives

  8. Peach-Søda UwU

    Peach-Søda UwU

    2 månader sedan

    My colors are pink,purple,and black so ima do purple cause people would bash me if I wore pink cause I’m a guy

  9. •Yümmy Bøbø•

    •Yümmy Bøbø•

    3 månader sedan

    I love among us

  10. Creedence Gordon

    Creedence Gordon

    3 månader sedan

    We don't know what to say about the fact that we are not in Love together with you but I am so proud of you and the water in Love I can give them the opportunity and I hope you will be blessed and the lord will be blessed with your son who you have come and see the

  11. Haileigh Harris

    Haileigh Harris

    4 månader sedan

    Okay you guys, when this came out, me and my sister were ACTUALLY thinking about doing something like this. Like, when the first video of these came out, I said we should play among us irl.

  12. Eva Ilott

    Eva Ilott

    4 månader sedan


  13. nomisugita


    4 månader sedan

    How have they aged so far? I want to create one!

  14. Soyo Hinata

    Soyo Hinata

    4 månader sedan

    Pink:Come here I'm going Show you Add:Hi😊

  15. Soyo Hinata

    Soyo Hinata

    4 månader sedan

    Where Did you Get the astronaut Suit? Because i want to Cosplay Toono takashi if he Played among us and he Brown 3;

  16. 1A23 吳一之NG YAT CHI

    1A23 吳一之NG YAT CHI

    4 månader sedan


  17. *-Bunny-*


    4 månader sedan

    Me looking at his intro: YAS GIRLLL LUV IT!!

  18. Mackenzie Sloane thibodeaux

    Mackenzie Sloane thibodeaux

    5 månader sedan

    Oh with Lizzie??

  19. Brittany Schneider

    Brittany Schneider

    5 månader sedan

    Lol How didn’t they notice

  20. Brittany Schneider

    Brittany Schneider

    5 månader sedan

    Joey: “the game I like to slit my friends throat and they stab me in the back” Me: “lol!!!!!,”

  21. Jule’s corner

    Jule’s corner

    5 månader sedan

    Who’s watching this in 2021 now

  22. Loading


    5 månader sedan

    Quick question where did you get the suits from?

  23. Sara Huaman

    Sara Huaman

    5 månader sedan


  24. Jaime Cisneros

    Jaime Cisneros

    5 månader sedan


  25. Jaime Cisneros

    Jaime Cisneros

    5 månader sedan


  26. Rain


    5 månader sedan

    What colour do you fight over if someone has it Red. Bleu. Green. Yellow. Purple. Pink Lime. Orange. Cyan. Brown. Black.

  27. soumya hardekar

    soumya hardekar

    5 månader sedan

    Your video are amazing

  28. Raji Mann

    Raji Mann

    6 månader sedan


  29. mariaa


    6 månader sedan

    She’s cosplay Sykkuno 🥰

  30. Paiboon Hongkham

    Paiboon Hongkham

    6 månader sedan


  31. fairyfailvre


    6 månader sedan

    0:14 verY

  32. Jazri Villarete

    Jazri Villarete

    6 månader sedan

    i just wanna say shubble looks amazing :D

  33. TheKnifeGame2 YT

    TheKnifeGame2 YT

    6 månader sedan


  34. M H

    M H

    6 månader sedan


  35. xRGx Skittlez

    xRGx Skittlez

    6 månader sedan

    The vampire diaries on the tv in the background😭✋

  36. The Like Button

    The Like Button

    6 månader sedan


  37. Cici A.

    Cici A.

    6 månader sedan

    Among us irl plzzz

  38. Erin Ward

    Erin Ward

    6 månader sedan

    shelby looks like snow white

  39. Sasha Tan

    Sasha Tan

    6 månader sedan

    Hiiiiiiiii Joey 🤯🤗🤗

  40. WOLFIE Willa

    WOLFIE Willa

    6 månader sedan

    I wish I had friends 😭😪

  41. WOLFIE Willa

    WOLFIE Willa

    6 månader sedan

    I am making 1 cosplay and this came up so yay give me luck

  42. WOLFIE Willa

    WOLFIE Willa

    6 månader sedan

    We have our contestants Pinkiepie Buttercup (PPG) Macaroni Dasani water XD

  43. Precious Lopez

    Precious Lopez

    6 månader sedan

    I like play among us

  44. Bob Gob

    Bob Gob

    6 månader sedan

    This video got much more than 30k likes- I’m excited for irl among us....

  45. Paige Keenor

    Paige Keenor

    6 månader sedan

    I thought the suits came colored when I watched the video 😭

  46. Yailin Pallecano

    Yailin Pallecano

    6 månader sedan

    Blue and purple and pink

  47. ABHEL Quima

    ABHEL Quima

    6 månader sedan

    That was so funny

  48. Siddharth saraf

    Siddharth saraf

    6 månader sedan

    All the girls are super cute man. ❤️😍

  49. Eye Roll

    Eye Roll

    6 månader sedan


  50. Hishamudin Mohidin

    Hishamudin Mohidin

    6 månader sedan

    you are vip hahahahahh bully

  51. Aeden Balasico

    Aeden Balasico

    6 månader sedan

    You should’ve dyed your eyes blue lol it would look nice

  52. julia d

    julia d

    6 månader sedan

    wait mika looks so familiar- from where do i know her wait what fhsjfjs

  53. Mia Martin

    Mia Martin

    6 månader sedan

    Hi I love your videos

  54. cutewolfangel


    6 månader sedan

    tiydie work to

  55. Yvonne Graves

    Yvonne Graves

    7 månader sedan

    Im making my own as well. And pairing it with another one of my cosplays. It was so much fun to watch you guys make among us costumes!

  56. Kira Josephson

    Kira Josephson

    7 månader sedan

    he sounds like he should be saying "HEY SISTERS!!" ... ik hes not james but like they have similar personality types

  57. Renee Blackwell

    Renee Blackwell

    7 månader sedan


  58. Moon_Waifu


    7 månader sedan

    Where did you guys buy your suits though? 👀

  59. Charlie \ Jadon NoLastName

    Charlie \ Jadon NoLastName

    7 månader sedan

    play with lizzie

  60. Kaylynn Gross

    Kaylynn Gross

    7 månader sedan

    Task completed: dye space suits even though they come in different colors

  61. Salsabila Rachmadia

    Salsabila Rachmadia

    7 månader sedan

    Pov : Lu kesini gara2 tiktok

  62. Brooklyn Dossman

    Brooklyn Dossman

    7 månader sedan


  63. sirsqueak alot

    sirsqueak alot

    7 månader sedan

    Escape the night glitches get stitches the video game themed escape the night

  64. seasonsofnyla


    7 månader sedan


  65. Cool door11o

    Cool door11o

    7 månader sedan

    Where Henry stickmin

  66. Absolutelyheat


    7 månader sedan

    He got the squad back together

  67. Liam San andres

    Liam San andres

    7 månader sedan

    Please play hide and seek...😊😊

  68. Sunflower Tosha

    Sunflower Tosha

    7 månader sedan

    Lol I have the dog. Love how you made yours

  69. Sunflower Tosha

    Sunflower Tosha

    7 månader sedan

    Omg I love you guys 🤣

  70. SketchTheDoodler


    7 månader sedan

    I can hear nothing but Escape the Night

  71. Honey drizzlesxox

    Honey drizzlesxox

    7 månader sedan

    Did any one else not fully read the title and think when where they gonna play?

  72. Olivia Mcguigan

    Olivia Mcguigan

    7 månader sedan

    Orange with pumpkin hat

  73. Addison Benfield

    Addison Benfield

    7 månader sedan


  74. mishu


    7 månader sedan

    “The game where I slit my friends throats” IM SCREAMING

  75. Alice Sainte-Marie

    Alice Sainte-Marie

    7 månader sedan


  76. Brooklynn Lysons

    Brooklynn Lysons

    7 månader sedan

    Me watching this after watching the among us in real life. Lol

  77. Kitty Girl !

    Kitty Girl !

    7 månader sedan

    you could of tie dyed the suits

  78. Makayla Knight

    Makayla Knight

    7 månader sedan

    Joey get crown

  79. Osmar and friends

    Osmar and friends

    7 månader sedan


  80. teiboo


    7 månader sedan

    You got your 30 thousand dam likessss

  81. Adysen Billowitch

    Adysen Billowitch

    7 månader sedan


  82. Sheri Anne

    Sheri Anne

    7 månader sedan

    ✨I see y’all watching the vampire diaries ✨

  83. Sylvia Satchell

    Sylvia Satchell

    7 månader sedan

    Are you still doing the coven series

  84. caelyn


    7 månader sedan

    I didn't know Joey Graceffa did crafts lol

  85. leslie


    7 månader sedan


  86. mati mati

    mati mati

    7 månader sedan

    This has 143K likes, why can I see no video with the whole entire squad in real life-

  87. zeta amera

    zeta amera

    7 månader sedan

    Me: *watches the video also me when I heard the among us music* My mind: this sounds like the dance in the tik tok, welp I have to dance to it Me: *me go dancing and then the same video from the tik tok came up* Me:..... PFFFFT-

  88. Pertemis Shipper

    Pertemis Shipper

    7 månader sedan

    I love your hair because it matches my hair

  89. kenyeo55


    7 månader sedan

    Yasss mask. Mask on

  90. Jaimee Costello

    Jaimee Costello

    7 månader sedan


  91. Amy Abushwisha

    Amy Abushwisha

    7 månader sedan

    " I am the king of this ship..... HENCE THE CROWN"

  92. Kiwi Garza

    Kiwi Garza

    7 månader sedan

    Do more among us

  93. Favi Gaming TV

    Favi Gaming TV

    7 månader sedan

    I love 💗 orange

  94. Favi Gaming TV

    Favi Gaming TV

    7 månader sedan


  95. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja

    7 månader sedan

    Cool vid

  96. Leylah Butt

    Leylah Butt

    7 månader sedan

    Love you Joey!!!!!

  97. LMoncoeur


    7 månader sedan

    Are you both I’ll crap

  98. me Clymer

    me Clymer

    7 månader sedan


  99. Nuno


    7 månader sedan

    Joey should have made a little crown for his kid

  100. SpookyAubrey


    7 månader sedan

    Joey looks like a fairy god parent from fairly odd parents