I had a breakdown & shaved my head

I had a breakdown and shaved my head...


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  1. Trvqtz


    4 timmar sedan

    No one: Joey using the shaving thing upside down:

  2. Kay Alvarado

    Kay Alvarado

    16 dagar sedan

    I cnt joeys face after oscar’s attempt 😭

    • Kay Alvarado

      Kay Alvarado

      16 dagar sedan


  3. Charika Hammonds

    Charika Hammonds

    2 månader sedan

    Regardless looks awesome

  4. Esther Sluijter

    Esther Sluijter

    2 månader sedan

    13:22 hahaha 💗

  5. T R

    T R

    3 månader sedan

    I did the same thing a few years ago and my hair has never been better..midlife crisis who!!

  6. christine grundahl

    christine grundahl

    3 månader sedan

    JOYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH😧😦

  7. PEG4290


    3 månader sedan

    Looks great! :)

  8. Joey R

    Joey R

    3 månader sedan

    Omg joey 😂

  9. Lynn hubbard

    Lynn hubbard

    3 månader sedan

    Why did you do that to your poor hair

  10. Josefine Wistrand

    Josefine Wistrand

    3 månader sedan


  11. Kaylee Nazarenko

    Kaylee Nazarenko

    3 månader sedan


  12. Kaylee Nazarenko

    Kaylee Nazarenko

    3 månader sedan

    I like the mullet on him

  13. Lily-Jane Price

    Lily-Jane Price

    3 månader sedan

    My brother siad ypu should be shaving your pits no your hair brcuaee your pits are worse then your hair lol

  14. Lu Toons

    Lu Toons

    4 månader sedan

    lol he looked like troy bolton with his hair straight lol not trying to be rude. i love you joey!

  15. Sasinli Dragon

    Sasinli Dragon

    4 månader sedan

    Wish I done mine but can't bc. Of my bf

  16. Torstein Awesome Boy

    Torstein Awesome Boy

    4 månader sedan

    Bring back 2019 look joey

  17. Emilie Zilleruelo

    Emilie Zilleruelo

    4 månader sedan

    I like it

  18. superjules21


    4 månader sedan

    It was really funny and it looks great. You can't ruin a pretty face ;)

  19. chris bis

    chris bis

    4 månader sedan

    Perfect hairline

  20. Amelia Quimby

    Amelia Quimby

    4 månader sedan

    I love his hair so like if you like it to give me a thumbs up 👇🏻

  21. Jay Melendez

    Jay Melendez

    4 månader sedan

    Ok Joey :( I haven’t seen ur videos in a loooongggg time. I really thought u were still with Daniel. After 5 years my boyfriend cheated on me and I broke it off. I was so depressed that I wasn’t myself for a whole month. I even shaved my head bald just to feel different but all I got was more sad. I’m glad ur better now ❤️ so am I there’s new stuff that you can do alone. 🥰

  22. Emily west

    Emily west

    4 månader sedan

    "I'm gonna cry my -Dimond earring- HAIR"

  23. Jessica Ridenour

    Jessica Ridenour

    4 månader sedan

    I fell like he should do a mullet

  24. Jo Dymond

    Jo Dymond

    4 månader sedan

    Did anyone notice the dogs just chilling in the background?!

  25. Cee Bee

    Cee Bee

    4 månader sedan

    I love your hair like this. How do you always look so good?.

  26. Roo


    5 månader sedan


  27. Shernon Lai

    Shernon Lai

    5 månader sedan

    U look like a model!!!! Joey

  28. Ryan Sherlock

    Ryan Sherlock

    5 månader sedan

    I think it looks super cool and suites you

  29. Emily


    5 månader sedan

    If I see anyone in the comments not saying positive things about his hair ima hunt them down and call there lawer

  30. Myles and Sara Felton

    Myles and Sara Felton

    5 månader sedan

    It never get old when he shaves the middle of he's head

  31. Eva Suit

    Eva Suit

    5 månader sedan

    100times hotter

  32. Elias Haddad

    Elias Haddad

    5 månader sedan


  33. bailey


    5 månader sedan


  34. Carm 22

    Carm 22

    5 månader sedan

    I love it!!!!!!! You are hotter than most models we see!!!! Yyyasssss!!!!❤️ 😍

  35. Nicole Janis

    Nicole Janis

    5 månader sedan

    I love it

  36. Sehli Goumri

    Sehli Goumri

    6 månader sedan

    shave those damn armpits

  37. No


    6 månader sedan

    he would suit a mullet so much

  38. Nobody


    6 månader sedan

    I shave my head to the point you could see my head. might as well have used a razor. I did this at school too.

  39. Bug


    6 månader sedan

    You look awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. IpudI


    6 månader sedan

    soy boy

  41. Paris Gatlin

    Paris Gatlin

    6 månader sedan

    I love your spirit! You are so amazing. And the haircut looks soooooo good on you. But that’s easy. You could pull off anything 😆❤️

  42. Sulfuric Acid

    Sulfuric Acid

    6 månader sedan

    drink me

  43. sophie the alien

    sophie the alien

    6 månader sedan

    Uhmm, yeah joey... looks great

  44. tycjxgickgckgckgcykckycgk Cool

    tycjxgickgckgckgcykckycgk Cool

    6 månader sedan

    You kinda sound like james charles not gonna lie...

  45. Irine Pough

    Irine Pough

    6 månader sedan

    I love it

  46. Dandelions Dandelions

    Dandelions Dandelions

    7 månader sedan

    That mullet!! You should've pulled an Australian bogan accent! 😂🇦🇺

  47. Youngling Slaughterer

    Youngling Slaughterer

    7 månader sedan

    Good for you

  48. Mary Lamanna

    Mary Lamanna

    7 månader sedan

    I love it.

  49. safiyah coppin

    safiyah coppin

    7 månader sedan

    The bayang not the bayang, the bayangggg U-U (It’s actually pretty cute if I do say so myself) I hope this comment isn’t offense :”D

  50. My Creations

    My Creations

    7 månader sedan

    Lol Oscar wanted him to shave his head the whole time!

  51. Wash Your Hands

    Wash Your Hands

    7 månader sedan


  52. Stella Marshall

    Stella Marshall

    7 månader sedan

    i like buzzcut joey

  53. Stella Marshall

    Stella Marshall

    7 månader sedan


  54. Faith Eaves

    Faith Eaves

    7 månader sedan


  55. Paula Jackson

    Paula Jackson

    7 månader sedan

    I LOVE IT!💖!💖!💖!💖!💖!

  56. xquakx


    7 månader sedan

    What quarantine does to you:

  57. Adrian Dela Cruz

    Adrian Dela Cruz

    7 månader sedan


  58. High_on_hope_tara


    7 månader sedan

    Your friend was right, You’re supposed to go upward from bottom to top lol I’m a cosmetologist and I love videos like this of people doing their own hair. Most hairdressers will freak out and comment that they shouldn’t be doing it themselves, but I love it. It’s not permanent. It will grow back so it’s not the end of the world for people

  59. Gabby Vampire diaries

    Gabby Vampire diaries

    7 månader sedan

    I love your now hair cut

  60. Steven Brooks

    Steven Brooks

    7 månader sedan

    4:40 *Cuts off tiniest bit of hair* "Okayyy!! Looking good so far!" Camera- "Lookinggggg...... *DEATH STARE* Camera-"Looking good, yea."

  61. BitterVoid


    8 månader sedan

    I shaved my head multiple times before.. even in highschool. I guess it’s not too odd for boys to have buzzcuts though.. but it does NOT work for me. I have a long face from my forehead to chin, the oval type face, and I hate it. Any change in my hair changes how I look completely. Too short hair makes me look horrible. And the back of my head hair grows to like the top of my neck. Have to shave it to not have a mullet, often. wish I had a round face or one like yours. You looked good no matter what.

  62. sugar


    8 månader sedan

    Don’t judge anyone unless you're perfect. I love the new cut ❤️✨

  63. Lisa DeArmond

    Lisa DeArmond

    8 månader sedan

    It looks good

  64. greek


    8 månader sedan

    u look great! but emo joey will always be my favorite joey :')

  65. Pxstelvybz


    8 månader sedan

    I think it looks amazing 🤩

  66. Mary Wilson

    Mary Wilson

    8 månader sedan

    That looks cool

  67. Daizy Donut

    Daizy Donut

    8 månader sedan

    Joey looks so much better with short hair

  68. That _SheepDoe

    That _SheepDoe

    8 månader sedan

    *Super cool montage* Joey: I'm gonna beat you up b*tch

  69. Tatiana Martinez

    Tatiana Martinez

    8 månader sedan

    Single? Go with Miranda

  70. Gallybull I

    Gallybull I

    8 månader sedan

    Why did he do this on my birthday....

  71. Warpzpeed _08

    Warpzpeed _08

    8 månader sedan

    Yes be sad on the inside BUT HAPPY ON THE OUTSIDE. . .cue in the sad music now

  72. Vanessa Essex Snow

    Vanessa Essex Snow

    8 månader sedan

    It looks GREAT Joey!

  73. Josie


    8 månader sedan

    I THINK s perfect

  74. Raven Russ

    Raven Russ

    8 månader sedan

    He went to “ I’ll have him home by 11” to “ just got out of jail for 20 years for killing my ex”

  75. Amit Mahadik

    Amit Mahadik

    8 månader sedan

    Honestly you look cute with and without long hair

  76. Bearii PlayZ

    Bearii PlayZ

    8 månader sedan

    Yup let’s make Joey look straight af again... I’m single too

  77. Grinage Sisters

    Grinage Sisters

    8 månader sedan

    Shouldn’t of done it...........

  78. Yuvika Binwal

    Yuvika Binwal

    8 månader sedan

    Queen I think you should do I collab with James I think he will understand you.

    • Yuvika Binwal

      Yuvika Binwal

      8 månader sedan

      @Khushi Modi I know that's why they should collab again

    • Khushi Modi

      Khushi Modi

      8 månader sedan

      Umm they have so msny vids together and they are friends

  79. BloodmoonXXX


    8 månader sedan


  80. Mina Grrr

    Mina Grrr

    8 månader sedan

    Wow u just copied Twaimz he made this vid before you

  81. JesusOn22sBaby


    8 månader sedan

    I thought you were jefrey scar and I was gon be pissed cause I remember watching you for Minecraft tips and I really thought you change completely and I was just sadddd. Until I actually found your acc again.

  82. Aubrey Ahearn

    Aubrey Ahearn

    8 månader sedan

    I love ittt

  83. ° Trashy Trash °

    ° Trashy Trash °

    8 månader sedan

    Im a mess your a mess im loser that wants to cry im a mess your a mess. I think your gonna be alright! Were a mess your a mess. Were gonna be alrighttttt!

  84. Alex


    8 månader sedan

    that's the thinnest and smallest straightener I have ever seen

  85. Heaven Robertson

    Heaven Robertson

    8 månader sedan


  86. Natalyne Huskey

    Natalyne Huskey

    8 månader sedan

    Omg get a mullet

  87. dawn cortez

    dawn cortez

    8 månader sedan


  88. Layla K

    Layla K

    8 månader sedan

    I mean i like it but if you dont hair always grows back!

  89. Rhodri Mcintosh

    Rhodri Mcintosh

    8 månader sedan

    Emo joey looks like dantdm

  90. meringue


    8 månader sedan


  91. White paper crane

    White paper crane

    8 månader sedan

    I loved the mullet

  92. sxmniqte


    8 månader sedan

    I rid not know you where single I guss I each your old vids

  93. 🥀✨「squishy cat」✨🥀

    🥀✨「squishy cat」✨🥀

    8 månader sedan


    • 🥀✨「squishy cat」✨🥀

      🥀✨「squishy cat」✨🥀

      8 månader sedan

      I’m so late

  94. Sewshy


    8 månader sedan

    BOY NO you look better with your other haircut

  95. Gucci Mane in 2006

    Gucci Mane in 2006

    8 månader sedan

    I like it

  96. Thomas Robinette III

    Thomas Robinette III

    8 månader sedan

    We all did this, let’s be honest.

  97. garbgirl


    8 månader sedan

    joey w a mullet>>>>

  98. Minnie Peaches

    Minnie Peaches

    8 månader sedan

    let's be honest, it looks hot (as did emo Joey lol)

  99. Traci Wilson

    Traci Wilson

    8 månader sedan

    Joey had a reverse Brittany moment. She had a mental breakdown and shaved her head, Joey had a breakdown because he shaved his head. But I love the look!

    • Khushi Modi

      Khushi Modi

      8 månader sedan

      Nope. He had a breakdown before shaving his head

  100. ψ


    8 månader sedan

    you're so freaking beautiful