Meeting My Baby Nephew & Buying Him "Girl Toys"

Meeting my baby nephew and buying him "girl toys!" 👶 Click here to get 50% OFF your first 6-bottle box plus a BONUS bottle! Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club that matches you with wine that you’ll love. Get started by taking the taste palate quiz to see your personalized matches.

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  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa

    Månad sedan

    Surprise! 👶 Who wants to see more videos with baby Jay?!

    • Stacy T

      Stacy T

      13 dagar sedan

      That video made me smile. You are such a good uncle. 💕

    • c: c:

      c: c:

      Månad sedan


    • Rita Sylliboy

      Rita Sylliboy

      Månad sedan


    • Tom Campbell

      Tom Campbell

      Månad sedan

      If you got my boy child a Barbie I'd throw you out of my house. Get a life

    • Alissa Nicole Oldin

      Alissa Nicole Oldin

      Månad sedan

      Me ♡ !!!

  2. Kat Mit

    Kat Mit

    15 timmar sedan


  3. ●EdibleBearSlice●


    5 dagar sedan

    10:11 someone called for a exorcist 😅

  4. Kelly Thistleton

    Kelly Thistleton

    10 dagar sedan

    Joey 👎 "girl toys" toys are toys! All toys have a huge role to play in learning and development and all children should get a chance to explore all toys and natural resources to grow to the best they can be ❤ still jobs a gudden lol xx

  5. MaKaila Knight

    MaKaila Knight

    15 dagar sedan

    I love that Jay started talking into the camera immediately 😂 He's gonna be the next vlogger in the family

  6. Felicia skylle

    Felicia skylle

    15 dagar sedan

    Me watching escape the night while watching this

  7. chevon1920


    18 dagar sedan

    Whoa, he has a full set of teeth. I’ve never seen a baby younger that 1 with so many teeth, lol

  8. Des Austin The Artist

    Des Austin The Artist

    20 dagar sedan

    Awe!!! He's so cute!!! Also, I really love the photo recreation with sis too/so cute!!!!

  9. Ltav110


    21 dag sedan

    Kinda trippy seeing my Target in your video, lol. Apex when we were younger would have a been a life changer eh? lol.

  10. Cindy Himes

    Cindy Himes

    24 dagar sedan

    Loved it!!

  11. Cindy Himes

    Cindy Himes

    24 dagar sedan

    Escape the Playpen!!!

  12. Cindy Himes

    Cindy Himes

    24 dagar sedan

    Ummm! Don't drink!!! But very nice!

  13. Cindy Himes

    Cindy Himes

    24 dagar sedan

    What a cute little boy! Has an awesome uncle!

  14. Brooke


    27 dagar sedan

    I love Hannah!

  15. Barbara Connolly

    Barbara Connolly

    27 dagar sedan

    My son had a pushchair and dolly 36 years ago. Only toys he could not have were guns. Games involving pretending to kill others or animals was never on my good game list

  16. Fluffy Fox

    Fluffy Fox

    28 dagar sedan

    I appreciate the fact that the words “girl toys” were quoted. Because Fluff gender roles

  17. CerysGriffiths


    28 dagar sedan

    Awwwww ❤️

  18. Jessica Yomo

    Jessica Yomo

    29 dagar sedan

    What a handsome little chonk. I love him.

  19. Egg Chan

    Egg Chan

    Månad sedan

    Did watching this video make me wish Joey had a baby boy of his own? Yes

  20. Cristina Formica

    Cristina Formica

    Månad sedan

    I'm going to spoil the crap out of him

  21. Isabella Vazquez

    Isabella Vazquez

    Månad sedan

    Yay for Uncle joey

  22. Rupshree Rao

    Rupshree Rao

    Månad sedan


  23. Tanaja Sanford

    Tanaja Sanford

    Månad sedan

    I loveeeee those off brand sour straws Put them in the freezer !!!

  24. Tanaja Sanford

    Tanaja Sanford

    Månad sedan

    He’s too cute

  25. Dakota Diamond

    Dakota Diamond

    Månad sedan

    i thought he adopred a child omg-

  26. Rita Sylliboy

    Rita Sylliboy

    Månad sedan

    Omg Uncle Joey you have a mini joey after i seen a younger pic of u & ur sister i cant believe how much u look so much like ur nephew. The hair to the cheeks and all.

  27. Kiana Trombley

    Kiana Trombley

    Månad sedan

    Law and order svu literally killed me🤣

  28. Katelyn Michelle

    Katelyn Michelle

    Månad sedan

    not my aunt being best friends with his sister🤪

    • Ican’tthinkofacreativeusername


      Månad sedan


  29. Shyan Funny

    Shyan Funny

    Månad sedan

    That’s a gorgeous baby🤎‼️

  30. Phoebe Gaming

    Phoebe Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Congrats Joey!

  31. olly hp

    olly hp

    Månad sedan

    That kid wants a commando action figure, don’t confuse him.

    • miley


      Månad sedan

      How do you know? Are you his uncle?

  32. Catherine Jenner

    Catherine Jenner

    Månad sedan

    he has your eye color!

  33. squidnuget from iballisticsquid

    squidnuget from iballisticsquid

    Månad sedan

    i killed bobby who

  34. squidnuget from iballisticsquid

    squidnuget from iballisticsquid

    Månad sedan

    thats spying on me stop it

  35. redbutterfly57


    Månad sedan

    6:33 I can't handle the amount of cuteness 😭💞💞

  36. redbutterfly57


    Månad sedan

    He's so adorable 😍💛💛

  37. Liam Schuh

    Liam Schuh

    Månad sedan

    Omg I thought he actually said that

  38. LalisaDragQueen


    Månad sedan

    WHY does he look like the one child from a movie..

  39. KatScript


    Månad sedan

    Hi im Barbie and im listening: Hi im Poppy 😬 Anyone else?

  40. SimplyJustToes


    Månad sedan

    I had this bus toy and I would sit in it and it would sing the alphabet and I would try stick my feet in the passengers head and try eat them :,(

  41. Cloudy


    Månad sedan

    Dang, I be smellin that candy from a microchip away.

  42. Allison Castillo okayy

    Allison Castillo okayy

    Månad sedan

    his eyes are so cool and bluetooth like yours Joey

  43. Izabella with a Z

    Izabella with a Z

    Månad sedan

    You already look like a great uncle and I know you will still be in the future. Period. 😌💅🏻

  44. Kishore Mandava

    Kishore Mandava

    Månad sedan

    Joey I'm sorry but I had to skip the wine add. In my defense I'm only 12 so I don't think I will be that intrested.

  45. Paul Tacoma

    Paul Tacoma

    Månad sedan

    Too much cuteness!

  46. Mrs. Chick

    Mrs. Chick

    Månad sedan

    Here's an idea if you like epic music. 💡 You need to listen to Mötley Crüe! They are epic and they have the best drummer ever! HE CAN EVEN PLAY UPSIDE DOWN!!! Look up Kickstart My Heart, Dr. Feelgood, Home Sweet Home, Primal Scream, and Tommy's drum solos. You won't regret it!

  47. iB McFly

    iB McFly

    Månad sedan

    $ouled out and it’s sad…

  48. Kelseythetwat Britten

    Kelseythetwat Britten

    Månad sedan

    Toys don’t have a gender

  49. Månad sedan

    Best uncle ever ❤️💙💙

  50. miss idk

    miss idk

    Månad sedan

    how has he not aged what

  51. *Gacha_ Wolfpãck*

    *Gacha_ Wolfpãck*

    Månad sedan

    Really thought that’s Colleen’s baby

  52. Shota Aizawa

    Shota Aizawa

    Månad sedan

    I’m gonna be just like u one day and take care of foster preggy sogs *dogs*

  53. Skadoosh NoodleB340

    Skadoosh NoodleB340

    Månad sedan


  54. DĒMONS


    Månad sedan


  55. LolliePlayz


    Månad sedan

    I need Joey to be my Uncle✨ Imagine how fun and amazing it would be!

  56. Galaxy Giraffe

    Galaxy Giraffe

    Månad sedan

    Wait did Joey move💀 I am clearly missing something😭😂

  57. Freya H

    Freya H

    Månad sedan

    Awww omg he was so cute 🥰

  58. Stephie Bentley

    Stephie Bentley

    Månad sedan

    He’s so precious love all ur vids and love ya bud

  59. Melanie Moore

    Melanie Moore

    Månad sedan

    Love when he goes home to visit friends & family. Some of my favorite vlogs! 🥰💘🤗

  60. Sallie Brittain

    Sallie Brittain

    Månad sedan

    Ooh in the younger picture Joey looks like his nephew lol

    • Sallie Brittain

      Sallie Brittain

      Månad sedan

      Thanks for sharing 👋bye now

  61. Astronaut Cricket

    Astronaut Cricket

    Månad sedan

    I wish Joey was my uncle.

  62. Juliet Mceachnie

    Juliet Mceachnie

    Månad sedan

    What if he just randomly sees this video when he's older. What will he think I wonder?

  63. A Parker

    A Parker

    Månad sedan

    Next Joey adoption a kid 🤗

  64. Kindra Jayne

    Kindra Jayne

    Månad sedan

    He’s so precious!! He loves his uncle Joey

  65. TommyAras_1470


    Månad sedan

    Anything about Escape The Night?

  66. MeannVelasco


    Månad sedan

    Lucky nephew❤️

  67. Liam Abitua

    Liam Abitua

    Månad sedan

    Only you Miranda girlfriend

  68. Genevieve Guzman

    Genevieve Guzman

    Månad sedan

    I would love if Joey was my uncle :(



    Månad sedan

    I wish he was my guy uncle 😁

  70. Hazel Potter

    Hazel Potter

    Månad sedan

    Just finished playing the ETN board game with my family. lost by about 10 seconds in the final round, currently crying.

  71. ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ


    Månad sedan

    Omg your friend we love her she’s so awesome 🥺❤️❤️

  72. ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ


    Månad sedan

    AWWWW 🥺😩😩😩

  73. Dylan Taylor

    Dylan Taylor

    Månad sedan

    I have baby fever but like for my friends instead so I can be a cool uncle 😂

  74. Sadie S

    Sadie S

    Månad sedan


  75. Freya Bleu Phillips

    Freya Bleu Phillips

    Månad sedan

    me joey graceffa

  76. Shanti Ray Pabroa

    Shanti Ray Pabroa

    Månad sedan

    super cute nephew!

  77. Juliette Strebel

    Juliette Strebel

    Månad sedan

    this video just proves how good of a dad Joey would be...

  78. Lesley Plunkett

    Lesley Plunkett

    Månad sedan

    You found your perfect playmate!

  79. kino


    Månad sedan

    OMG HANNAH. not the crack houseeee hahahah

  80. Linda Collins

    Linda Collins

    Månad sedan

    Aww seeing this makes me want to go back to playing Barbies in my room! 😜

  81. Sophia


    Månad sedan


  82. LoCashFan


    Månad sedan

    Jay looks like you Joey when you were smaller with your sister

  83. Rose Forbes

    Rose Forbes

    Månad sedan

    What a lucky little boy! You are going to be the best uncle!

  84. a n

    a n

    Månad sedan

    Why the f u lying why u always liyin love it joey it funny 😂

  85. Please enter a name

    Please enter a name

    Månad sedan

    I’m obsessed with escape the night recently.

  86. QuestionBlake


    Månad sedan

    I love this! This was like an old Joey video! Brought me straight back to 2012!

  87. Caroline Gallagher

    Caroline Gallagher

    Månad sedan

    Omg i had no clue you used to live in Massachusetts!! I do to!!

  88. HeinzPlays


    Månad sedan

    oh my gosh so cute!!

  89. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie

    Månad sedan

    If the 2000’s have taught me anything. It’s that I can’t wrap my brain around ONLY girl ONLY boy anything anymore. Just saying

  90. David Morris

    David Morris

    Månad sedan

    "Sweet Jesus, Joey, you were a fat boy toddler, yikes."

  91. Marisea Kay

    Marisea Kay

    Månad sedan

    Oh lord he was precious!😍👶

  92. Jj JSeib

    Jj JSeib

    Månad sedan

    Just u w/ sis & ur lil baby so cute. Luv🥰😍🤪😜😘

  93. Cullen Smith

    Cullen Smith

    Månad sedan

    Looks like Uncle Joey 😄💗

  94. Michaeloll


    Månad sedan

    Joey this video made me laugh out loud in joy from all the cuteness overload!! Also yeah definitely look into invisalign sooner than later (if you can afford it), because moved teeth or "malocclusion" can cause parafunctional habits such as clenching/grinding to occur, which can lead to abfractions or wear facets. Long story short, it can lead to more fillings or even more expensive/serious options .. so it's actually an investment to fix your "occlusion" sooner than later to prevent additional damage to your teeth/costs down the road.:)

    • Michaeloll


      Månad sedan

      like this so he can see pls! just some friendly advice:)

  95. Cesarea VLogs

    Cesarea VLogs

    Månad sedan

    Worst case scenario, he grows up straight and hates joey for putting him to play with barbie doll.

    • Deirdre Leamy

      Deirdre Leamy

      Månad sedan

      @ArrowMoonBear they were making a joke

    • ArrowMoonBear


      Månad sedan

      straight boys can like barbies too

  96. Soula smith

    Soula smith

    Månad sedan

    i like it how he says "girl toys" its good

  97. Miguel & Skye

    Miguel & Skye

    Månad sedan

    Omg what a cute baby!!!

  98. Chante Edwards

    Chante Edwards

    Månad sedan

    Soooo cute he looks like you Joey!!!! How sweet and special! Can’t wait to see you have your own someday😜

  99. Gabrielle Raposo

    Gabrielle Raposo

    Månad sedan

    APEX in Marlborough! ITS SO COOLLLL!!! Gets so crowded with little teenagers on their little dates, but you do have to be 21 to do some activities there, DEFINITELY GO

  100. Clarebear


    Månad sedan

    You know, you could've just labeled it Buying Him Toys rather than adding the girl part in there.

    • ArrowMoonBear


      Månad sedan

      he was making fun of the term by putting it in quote marks, he thinks all toys should be for everyone