Introducing My Stray Cats To Each Other & Forcing Them To Be Friends

I introduced my stray cats to each other and forced them to become best friends. 👁👁
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  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa

    7 månader sedan

    The two queens finally meet! 😭 Do you think they can be friends?!

    • Xx Gacha Crystal Dragons xX

      Xx Gacha Crystal Dragons xX

      7 dagar sedan

      Oop you did that

    • Xx Gacha Crystal Dragons xX

      Xx Gacha Crystal Dragons xX

      7 dagar sedan

      Yes, maybe have the eat together in different bowls!

    • Ana Villalobos

      Ana Villalobos

      19 dagar sedan

      I think they can but the black cat doesn’t want to be friends 🙁☹️

    • Hqzzmat


      Månad sedan


    • Happy Pride Month !

      Happy Pride Month !

      Månad sedan

      Flip Flop Yes. :>

  2. Thee_Kiwi


    23 dagar sedan

    You should have hissed back at her to assert your dominance in the situation

  3. Idalia Pinon

    Idalia Pinon

    26 dagar sedan


  4. Alejandro Jose Bonilla

    Alejandro Jose Bonilla

    Månad sedan

    Not me watching this again in may 2021 cuz I'm depress.

  5. Marc & Annemarie Harvey

    Marc & Annemarie Harvey

    Månad sedan

    Pls don’t use naughty words or there will be trouble 👿

  6. Devon Kelly

    Devon Kelly

    Månad sedan

    Girl! She was just like “If you won’t open the door, Ima just climb it.

  7. Zesty Gal

    Zesty Gal

    Månad sedan

    i died when she started climbing the door 😭

  8. Janique Daley

    Janique Daley

    Månad sedan

    The Scara cam down

  9. gary


    Månad sedan

    Did anyone miss the fact that Sakura called Azula a hoe and then Joey mentions maybe they have the same sugar daddy. It’s hilarious.

  10. Jesus Marquez

    Jesus Marquez

    Månad sedan

    So did she give birth???

  11. Katie Pearce

    Katie Pearce

    Månad sedan

    It's okay if they hiss thats just how cats are

  12. Andrea Kaiser Tavora

    Andrea Kaiser Tavora

    Månad sedan

    I'm loving these kitty vlogs 😸💕 , and joye you're so beautiful !

  13. DTXC Daniel Gaming

    DTXC Daniel Gaming

    Månad sedan


  14. roof30


    2 månader sedan

    OMG, I *love* the kitty subtitles you put in this video!

  15. Bethany Dyson

    Bethany Dyson

    2 månader sedan

    My cats fight And they get scared of me

  16. Natalia Vlogs

    Natalia Vlogs

    2 månader sedan

    Did the cats ever become friends??

  17. G G

    G G

    2 månader sedan

    When I saw the “forcing” part in the tittle...I just almost died because on how much I love animals 😂😂

  18. psychocat 1

    psychocat 1

    2 månader sedan

    i died with laughter when she said to middle aged homosexuals have catnapped me

  19. Anita Anglin

    Anita Anglin

    2 månader sedan

    Joey your hair looks f****** hideous like who in the actual world like he's planet Earth like the universe did your hair and I would not be surprised if it was you but I kind of would so hideous if that was Daniel oh my God OMG you guys need some here lessons cuz I could help with that but f****** hideous

  20. Emma Cole

    Emma Cole

    2 månader sedan

    I love cats and dogs

  21. gacha lover Caudill

    gacha lover Caudill

    2 månader sedan

    Azula: I'm the prettyist

  22. Annie K

    Annie K

    2 månader sedan

    Did you let them get to know each other through a closed door for a few days? That’s usually less stressful and more successful

  23. it's wølfey hun U-U

    it's wølfey hun U-U

    2 månader sedan

    Everyone who clicked on this be like: Forced to be friends let’s goooo

  24. jessica dominguez

    jessica dominguez

    2 månader sedan

    Cats dont meet each other like humans 😅 they first got to get used to the different smell and then slowly to the cat.. thats why sakura was trying to get the smell of the future friend

  25. I’m a Loser

    I’m a Loser

    2 månader sedan

    I lost it when she started climbing on the door

  26. Ashley Cannon

    Ashley Cannon

    3 månader sedan

    When sakura and azula touched noses that means they musled

  27. Ashley Cannon

    Ashley Cannon

    3 månader sedan


  28. Ashley Cannon

    Ashley Cannon

    3 månader sedan

    Joeys face when i paused:👁👄👁

  29. Ashley Cannon

    Ashley Cannon

    3 månader sedan


  30. Stacy Stace

    Stacy Stace

    3 månader sedan

    2:55 Two Middle Aged Homosexuals Have catnapped Me 😂

  31. S Yao

    S Yao

    3 månader sedan

    When it said I just wanna be appreciated I literally nearly Cried 🥺 idk why just makes me sad lol

  32. Martha Wheeler

    Martha Wheeler

    3 månader sedan


  33. Mona Moody

    Mona Moody

    3 månader sedan

    somiya hamer 😅😆

  34. Naomii Deacon

    Naomii Deacon

    3 månader sedan

    If you ever find yourself in this situation again it would be best if you don't give them full body strokes as it over stimulates them and makes them more agitated but you did a great job congrats 💕 and ty

  35. Denise Emond

    Denise Emond

    3 månader sedan

    So precious

  36. Dream Doll

    Dream Doll

    3 månader sedan

    Where’s she at now??

  37. 域偉x̷I̷0̷v̷e̷l̷y̷


    3 månader sedan


  38. Sunset Wolf

    Sunset Wolf

    3 månader sedan

    Joey:u want to be her bestie Noooooo

    • Sunset Wolf

      Sunset Wolf

      3 månader sedan

      Ahh the name

  39. Karmylla Horton

    Karmylla Horton

    3 månader sedan

    I can’t even open doors sometimes -Joey 2020-2021

  40. Caitlyn Kelly

    Caitlyn Kelly

    3 månader sedan

    sassy cat alr.

  41. Adreanna Miller

    Adreanna Miller

    3 månader sedan


  42. Gilmour11


    3 månader sedan

    If ever you want to introduce cats just put vanilla extract on both of them. Let them first smell each other through a door then they can see each other through a fence. Give it time. Occasionally it takes a while just being around each other before they can meet directly.

  43. Kris Tea

    Kris Tea

    3 månader sedan

    the best drama channel ive ever watched. Thanks for this tea hopefully sakura gets over herself! Heheheee

  44. Heaven Valencia

    Heaven Valencia

    3 månader sedan

    “Do you both have the same sugar daddy maybe..?” Says their sugar daddy 😂

  45. Shadow embers_Lilly gacha

    Shadow embers_Lilly gacha

    3 månader sedan

    Them cats are pretty I love the black won

  46. not available

    not available

    3 månader sedan

    i don’t think sakura hissing wasn’t anything too worrisome, i think she was just letting azula know she was uncomfortable and she wasn’t showing any other signs of aggression except when azula was in her box and sakura stared her down, it’s good they were communicating because cats don’t communicate with each other through meowing they have to let each other know how they feel through other verbal cues and body language. if i were doing this i probably just wouldn’t force them to eat right next to each other right away and if they wanted to run away i would let them

  47. Tay-Tay Vibez

    Tay-Tay Vibez

    3 månader sedan

    The subtitles for the cats 😂

  48. Elsie Richardson

    Elsie Richardson

    3 månader sedan


  49. Sydney Brede

    Sydney Brede

    3 månader sedan

    At least they aren't attacking each other

  50. Alyssa De La O

    Alyssa De La O

    3 månader sedan

    Princess Sakura 👑

  51. Lavender cats Stout

    Lavender cats Stout

    3 månader sedan


  52. cookie cookie

    cookie cookie

    3 månader sedan

    Sakrua had her same eyes too

  53. cookie cookie

    cookie cookie

    3 månader sedan

    Sekrua reminds me of a cat I used to have we named her keko she was really sweet but she had white in the front of her chest but sakrua reminds so much of her

  54. 康康


    3 månader sedan

    I am died laughing when he says "bicth you can open door?

  55. nothing nothing

    nothing nothing

    3 månader sedan


  56. Whoever The Person

    Whoever The Person

    3 månader sedan

    "Forcing Them To Be Friends" - hmm, sounds promising 😐

  57. Maria Pieber

    Maria Pieber

    4 månader sedan

    I’ve never heard my cats hiss

  58. Kym McVicker

    Kym McVicker

    4 månader sedan

    I cant believe how pretty your eyes are

  59. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams

    4 månader sedan

    Joey they do have the same suger daddy and its you

  60. Astrid Ponce

    Astrid Ponce

    4 månader sedan

    yea they will 🥰😘😍☺

  61. Sweet Strawberrys

    Sweet Strawberrys

    4 månader sedan

    Aww so so CUTE 🥰

  62. l


    4 månader sedan

    My cats do this when they see eachother.....they’ve lived with eachother for 10 years 🤦‍♀️

  63. stillmanez3


    4 månader sedan

    My birthday was 13 days ago

  64. Madison Lee

    Madison Lee

    4 månader sedan

    Yesterday was my birthday

  65. blueberryelxxa


    4 månader sedan


  66. who am i

    who am i

    4 månader sedan

    "omg btch you can open doors? since when?" BAHAHHAHA

  67. basheerah Petersen

    basheerah Petersen

    4 månader sedan

    Can we all appreciate the fact that joey gives all of his pets good, interesting, "not boring names :O Also basically all of sukuras captions are just *curse word*

  68. [Cherry Cherry]

    [Cherry Cherry]

    4 månader sedan

    If they touch noses that means there very affectionate but since Sakura hissed after I think that’s not the reason

  69. The squad

    The squad

    4 månader sedan

    I wish that they would get along

  70. The squad

    The squad

    4 månader sedan

    Aww they are so cute 🥰

  71. jULia


    4 månader sedan

    lol how ca sakura open doors when I was like 6 I still couldn't open doors with round doorknobs ( ik,ik, please don't bully me)

  72. anetee


    4 månader sedan

    Check out Jackson Galaxy, he has great tips on how to introduce cats. Please don''t force them!

  73. Someone


    4 månader sedan

    Good to know my cats not the only one who's cat can open door



    4 månader sedan

    Iwas really sad when Joe gave away azula😭😭

  75. Olivia Cope

    Olivia Cope

    4 månader sedan

    Can you talk you don’t care I just want to be eat

  76. Ashley Ling

    Ashley Ling

    4 månader sedan

    Temptations= cat crack lmao

  77. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion

    4 månader sedan

    I can't stop laughing at Sakura climbing up the door and their reaction 😂

  78. Angelina Lefevers

    Angelina Lefevers

    4 månader sedan

    If a cat doesn’t want to be friends respect it because how would you feel if someone kept forcing you think about that before forcing your animals

  79. Catify Co

    Catify Co

    4 månader sedan


  80. Aysha Rabbi

    Aysha Rabbi

    4 månader sedan

    Nobody: All of joeys pets can open door: I know that just what I do Joey:since when do you open doors

  81. Brandon T

    Brandon T

    5 månader sedan

    when sakura open the door i lost it😭

  82. Chasing Stars

    Chasing Stars

    5 månader sedan

    I need an update on them!

  83. Bake with Emma

    Bake with Emma

    5 månader sedan

    nO HisSiNg nO mA'aM ;p

  84. culinary comedys

    culinary comedys

    5 månader sedan

    We are all cats on the in side because we are petty af and want attention, attention where

  85. Utama Usman

    Utama Usman

    5 månader sedan

    sakura got dat SASS

  86. j f

    j f

    5 månader sedan

    Don't really think so but they'll be friends but he he😳😓

  87. KiwiFruitJuice


    5 månader sedan

    Joey: two princesses from different kingdoms Me: two hoes from different houses

  88. j f

    j f

    5 månader sedan

    he he😂!!!!

  89. It’sthatgirl ky

    It’sthatgirl ky

    5 månader sedan

    This video has me ✨DYING✨

  90. Azlan’s mind

    Azlan’s mind

    5 månader sedan

    Cats use meows too talk to humans not each other

  91. Omgitsacupcake


    5 månader sedan

    "We love supporting women in this household" YASSS QUEEEEEENNNN

  92. MP288


    5 månader sedan

    Considering you skipped about 10 steps of the cat introduction method, it went great! Lucky guy!

  93. Francisca Lopez

    Francisca Lopez

    5 månader sedan

    I'm over here dying- 2:49

  94. Tomi Ocampo

    Tomi Ocampo

    5 månader sedan

    Me seeing your open credit for the first time: the music reminds me of Escape the Night. It's creepy. I love it.

  95. Jon Salinas

    Jon Salinas

    6 månader sedan

    SE-one will get deleted on new year's day

  96. Jon Salinas

    Jon Salinas

    6 månader sedan

    I have a cat named Dora and she's a. Calico

  97. Sora


    6 månader sedan

    Gee...I wish I was one of his pets..I'd even do house care xD

  98. Spinazzola


    6 månader sedan

    h8 cats

  99. itzclarissa


    6 månader sedan

    azula (from ATLA) be like with her mom:

  100. Michelle Trocine Starr

    Michelle Trocine Starr

    6 månader sedan

    Love you kept the moms